Presidents of the Juniper Park Civic Assoc. 1938-2008
Dr. Myron Kenler, MD
Arthur Klein
W. Bennett
T. Rizzo
Mary Gerken
Lawrence Camilleri
John Groarke, Esq
Hugh Moehringer
Mary Cummins
JoAnn Benini
John J. Bono
Robert E. Matthews, Jr.
Diane Colletti Bauer
Ernest Chirichella
Robert F. Holden
Richard Schick
Robert F. Holden

Juniper Park Civic Association Organized 1938 Chartered 1942
Our Goals as written in our PREAMBLE:
Whereas, it is a recognized fact, that only by means of organized and collective action, can the residents in a comunity, record their opinions and request with governing bodies, that the mutual welfare of the comunity is best served by a close association of this community, united
for our mutual welfare for civic betterment and adopt the following.

The following is a portion of our CONSTITUTION:
This organization shall be known as Juniper Park Civic Association Incorporated. This Civic shall promote and develop the close relationship of its members with a program of civic and social activities.

Juniper Park Civic Meeting Halls 1938-2008
Our Lady of Hope School Auditorium (71st Street & Eliot Ave.)
Lutheran Church Hall (Dry Harbor Road and Juniper Blvd. South)
Resurrection Ascension School Hall (Woodhaven Boulevard & Eliot Ave.)
Community Church Hall (Caldwell Avenue & 80th Street)
Stadtler on the Hill – now Haspel Staab VFW Post 551 – (60th Ave. & 84th Street)
Public School 49 (80th Street and Penelope Ave).