Dear Mr. Holden:
I am pleased to inform you that I have allocated $1,450,000 in the City Capital Budget for Phase I reconstruction and restoration of the former St. Savior’s Church as part of my Fiscal Year 2010 Capital Discretionary allocation.

As requested, the funding in part will help pay for the reconstruction of the Church as a community education, cultural and performance center. The newly reconstructed and restored structure will also be used to educate New York City students in “Green Technology” with a view into solar, water and geothermal technology. The funding is designated in the Fiscal Year 2010 Executive Budget.

Please feel free to contact my office to discuss this funding and any other inquiries that you may have.

I am pleased to lend this vital support to your organization that provides front-line services to the residents of Queens and our City.

Helen M. Marshall
Borough of Queens


Dear Mr. Holden:
Thanks so much for the update (on St. Saviour’s), you sir are a a saint and a truly skilled performer in the art of communication. How smart and noble of you to talk the developer into a grace period. Please keep up the good work, we need more people like you in the community and in public office!!!
With kind regards, I remain yours sincerely.

Dominick Schook


Dear Editor,
I felt compelled to share with you how much I enjoyed the June/July issue of the Juniper Berry. Usually when “The Berry” arrives, I thumb through it quickly. I check the usual features that I enjoy the most and scan some of the articles. I would then revisit The Berry over the next week or so till I’ve completed reading it. Not with the June/July issue, I couldn’t put it down. Right from the mailbox, I read it from cover to cover. It just seemed to be the prefect mix of current events and historical information. I especially enjoyed the Amazing Mr. Berner, Middle Village Castles and the History of Eliot Avenue articles.
I commend the hard working staff of The Berry for not just this issue, but for routinely producing an outstanding publication that any community would be proud to call their own.

J. Pratt
Rego Park


To the JPCA
This is in regard to Brennan Field, that is, the exercise running/walking track at Juniper Valley Park. Right by the entrance, a Mr. Softee ice cream truck parks and makes POLLUTION POLLUTION POLLUTION! It makes noise pollution & air pollution. People come off the track and deep breathe FUMES from this truck! NO ONE BUYS the ice cream because they are exercising and trying to lose weight and be healthy. Can the truck-driver be asked to LEAVE? Thank you. 

Marilyn Bruno


To the JPCA:
I have been going to Juniper Park since I was a kid.  Recently, there has been a free dog training tent set up in the park. Is this allowed? Is there a permit needed for this activity? I go up to the park to read, relax, etc., and the park is overtaken by 15-25 dogs barking & urinating all over the park. Is this fair to the rest of us? Just wondering what the policy is? Thank you

Angry citizen


Hello Mr. Holden,
I have been a Middle Village resident for the past 30 years (lucky enough to be born and raised here). Is there anything I can do to help the JPCA? I love Middle Village and was wondering if I could be put on a mailing list, or e-mail list for future events where any help is needed.  Thank you for your time and all the hard work the JPCA has done to keep Middle Village beautiful.

Keith Dionne


Dear JPCA:
There is current legislation in the Assembly that prohibits the sale of gas powered scooters in New York City and regulates their storage in multiple dwellings (A.3028).  Currently, there is no companion Senate bill. I am working with my staff in Albany to sponsor the bill in the Senate and introduce it for session next year. The bill cites a violation of storage that will cost a person less than one hundred dollars.  Second violation is the same but for a third violation, the scooter is impounded and subject to civil forfeiture proceedings.

Meanwhile, according to NYC Administrative Code 19-176.2, motorized scooters are not to be operated in New York City (with the exception of wheelchairs or mobility aids designed for use by disabled persons, and electric powered devices not exceeding 15mph). If one is caught, a penalty of $500 is issued along with a traffic infraction.  I believe that a person can get a scooter back if they pay the removal charges and storage fees.
My staff and I are looking at this issue in one of two ways: (1.)  Make all scooters (with the exception of wheelchairs or mobility aides designed for use by disabled persons) illegal in New York City as cited in A.3028 or (2.) create legislation where throughout NY State all scooters are officially illegal and banned from operation.

Currently, I understand that local police precincts have the authority to impose fines and dictate whether one gets their scooter back after paying the due fines.

Because there is no current definition of motorized scooters – although NYC administrative code 19-176.2 establishes the meaning, in addition to A.3028 – any piece of legislation will have to define these scooters before an argument can be made whether heavier fines and/or impoundment of scooters should take place.

If you should have any questions on this issue, please let me know and I will keep in touch as to the legislative status of the Assembly and Senate bills. Take care.

State Senator
Joseph Addabbo


Hi Everyone!!!
Re: Salvatore Larussa Dance Theatre The Academy

I am pleased to inform you that there is Registration starting September, 12 – 5pm at 66-85 73rd Place, Middle Village, NY 11379.

Our Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Celebration will be on Sunday, September 20, 2009 at 2pm. Council Member Elizabeth Crowley and Senator Joseph Addabbo, Jr., will be speaking.

Nathan Thomas, the winner of the hit television show, TOP DESIGN – Bravo TV, has designed our studios!!!

Please, let EVERYONE know!!!

Feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or if you know anyone who is interested in The Academy and would like to join our e-mail list, at sal@SLDT.org

To learn more about Salvatore LaRussa Dance Theatre, you can, always, visit us at www.SLDT.org

Look forward to seeing you at Registration!!!

Salvatore LaRussa


To the JPCA:
I am attempting to locate my grandfather, Michael Crowley, who was born in 1875 and died in 1936. There is no one alive with any information on this in my family. Please help if you can, thank you,

Claire Crowley Bonner


Dear JPCA:
I read the article on (www.junipercivic.com) about the Stage Coach Lines by Dorothy Speer and was very impressed. My Great Great Grandfather (George Shepherd) owned stage coach lines in NYC prior to the civil war. I believe there were six or seven lines. Does Ms. Speer have any information on these lines?

My father never explained anything to me about the Shepherd Family. I found many of them buried in the Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn, and their house at 322 W 22nd Street, NYC. But the trail ends about 1915. Through an old article I found that a man named Johnson owned the Knickerbocker Stage line until about 1885. The article is a mini history. But, like the rest of the Shepherd family it just fades away.

If anyone has any information or suggestions please advise. Thank you for your assistance.

Scott B. Shepherd III
Spring Branch, Texas


Dear Bob,
What a disgusting disgrace it is that the city allows this site to look this way! It brings the entire neighborhood down when there are eyesores like this among us. I know because I was a realtor for many years and potential homebuyers would never buy a home around a site like this one.

I have long been a proponent of the city's use of non-violent incarcerated individuals (especially those who were convicted of illegal dumping, graffiti or property vandalism) and able-bodied individuals on public assistance to clean up sites like this and to keep them clean. God knows that we, the taxpayers, are paying enough taxes to support them. We should put them to work to earn their keep. This may sound a bit Draconian but those of us who are hard-working, middle-class homeowners are pretty tired of our towns being made to look like garbage dumps. The city also needs to give much harsher sentences to illegal dumpers and force them to clean up sites like this in addition to possible jail terms for the worst abusers.

Pat Gatt


Dear Bob,
I haven't seen you to discuss this with you, so I am sending you this email. My son plays football with the Queens Falcons who have been thrown out of Juniper Valley Park. Why? The Queens Falcons have been practicing and playing football at Juniper since I was a kid. The Queens Falcons are a wonderful organization that have been long time members of our community – so why can't they practice at Juniper? We have to wait until the day of practice to find out where the kids are going to meet. They still have their games at Juniper but are no longer able to practice there.

Could you find out for why this is so and how can I get that changed?

Maureen Sammon


Dear Editor,
As always, thank you for the fine job. I've been meaning to ask if there is someway the Civic Association can organize an electronic recycling day. Jackson Heights had a day in April and I was working and still have the old TV, computer monitor and printer in the spare bedroom because I hate the thought of putting them to the curb.

How can we go about organizing a day? I'm sure we'd get a good response.

Kathy O'Connor
Middle Village