State Assembly Candidate Tony Nunziato

Tony Nunziato is the Republican candidate in the 30th Assembly District. He will tell you the motivation to run for elected office resulted from his own observation that when he would go to meetings he discovered how seriously underrepresented our area was with elected officials who were never present to speak for the people on critical issues.

Tony saw the neglect first-hand because he was doing volunteer work on Community Board 5 and he sat on committees where he witnessed our community's blatant underrepresentation on very serious issues. He decided that if it were going to be corrected, someone had to step up to start the process of bringing our neighborhood back to the people. After serious soul searching Tony Nunziato threw his own hat in the ring.

He arrives at the job of candidate with good credentials. Tony Nunziato has been an active member of our community for many years. He was a member of CB5 for 10 years, a past president of Maspeth Town Hall, past president of the Kiwanis Club of Maspeth, an active member of the Maspeth Chamber of Commerce, and the Knights of Columbus and he is on the Board of the Queensboro Chapter of UNICO. He is the Chair of the Maspeth-Middle Village Task Force and he sits on the Board of the Juniper Park Civic Association as the Treasurer.

On the personal side, Tony was born in Woodside in 1957. He went to St. Sebastian's School in Woodside, Power Memorial Academy in Manhattan and he attended St. John's University. He moved to Maspeth when he married his wife, Dolores, in 1980. They have three grown children.

Tony started out in the florist business as a partner in a large Manhattan firm. When he married, he decided he wanted to start his own business. He found a property in Maspeth, opened his own florist, named it the Enchanted Florist, and he has been a hard working businessman in Maspeth ever since.

State Assembly Candidate Brian Barnwell

Brian Barnwell is both a native and current resident of Woodside who has been an attorney for 5 years. He practices criminal and constitutional law. Barnwell worked for Astoria City Councilman Costa Constantinides prior to running for office. During his time with the councilman, he helped resolve many issues of concern throughout the district.

When incumbent assembly member Marge Markey – without offering any proof – alleged that the Bishop of Brooklyn, Nicholas DiMarzio, bribed her in an attempt to get her to drop her child sex assault bill, Brian called her out for her unprofessional behavior.

He has pointed out Markey’s poor attendance record in Albany and history of voting with the corrupt Albany machine 99% of the time. He also has a plan to draft a real Albany reform bill so that power is restored to the people and taken away from lobbyists and corporate interests.

In recent weeks, Brian has been standing with the Maspeth
community in opposition to the proposed homeless shelter. He has been offering us free legal advice, has attended just about every nightly protest and persevered for 5 miles with us at the March for Maspeth. He publicly confronted DHS Commissioner Steven Banks at both the
August 11th and 31st hearings.

Meanwhile, his Democratic primary opponent has been missing in action. Brian Barnwell is motivated to effect change and provides quite a contrast to our current leadership.

State Senate Candidate Michael Conigliaro

Mike Conigliaro is the Republican / Conservative / Reform candidate for State Senator in the 15th Senatorial District which locally includes Middle Village, Maspeth,
Glendale, Ridgewood, Rego Park, Forest Hills, and Woodhaven as well as several neighborhoods in southern Queens including Ozone Park, Howard Beach, Broad Channel, Rockaway and Breezy Point.

Mike’s campaign focuses on the issues that are important to the forgotten middle class, such as creating jobs, cutting taxes and making sure that the next generation has an even better shot at life. It’s not enough to stand on the sidelines and simply complain about the status quo. Mike is running for state senate because he wants
to change things for the better and make a difference.

Mike is a lifelong Queens resident, and as an elected official will work day and night to diligently represent all of the people in his district. He currently manages a
successful Real Estate Law Firm in Floral Park and is an avid supporter of small businesses. Cutting taxes and making life more affordable in the district and throughout the state will be one of his top priorities. He will work day and night to bring small businesses back to District 15.

Mike serves as President of the Queensborough Community College Alumni Association and is a mentor in connection
with the Shadow Program at St. John’s University. He also teaches Religion to 7th graders preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation at our Lady of Mercy Parish in Forest Hills, and serves as a Lector at Sunday Mass at the same church.

Mike has been happily married to his lovely wife for 19 years, Connie Conigliaro. They are the proud parents of our two daughters, Sophia, age 7, and newborn Madelyn Ann. Mike says that he has watched Mayor de Blasio and Senator Joseph Addabbo undo, in just a short time, the over 20 years of progress that our neighborhoods achieved
under Mayor Giuliani, Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Pataki. Collectively they focused on public safety as the top priority, making sure our communities remained safe from everything ranging from terrorism to auto theft to quality of life crimes. Mayor de Blasio doesn’t seem to think that this matters anymore. Rather than standing up for homeowners and law abiding citizens he is more interested in protecting the rights of criminals and redefining crimes as mere civil violations.

He is obsessed with destroying our neighborhoods by forcing homeless shelters into our backyards over the objections of the taxpayers and the residents. Many of these homeless individuals are mentally ill, drug addicted or alcohol dependent. What is most disturbing is that he is using our tax dollars to remove them from full apartments and place them into hotels. The most recent example of this ill-conceived policy is his secret attempt to turn the Holiday Inn Express in Maspeth into one of these homeless shelters. Mike has joined many of the residents on an almost a daily basis in fighting and protesting this attempt. He has been present while Senator Addabbo and Assemblywoman Marge Markey have been
largely absent.

Mike vows that all issues that are brought to his attention will be resolved since helping the individual members of his district leads to improvement in everyone’s quality of life.