Cover this mess
This construction fence on the corner of 83rd Street and Grand Avenue is covered in graffiti. Although the fence is considered “temporary” it has been an eyesore for months. The owner of this property should be fined if they do not cover it. We hope the kids attending the school across the street don’t get the impression that this is acceptable.

Keep it clean
UPS, Fedex and local news publications have the right to install street furniture along our public sidewalks, but with that privilege comes the responsibility of maintaining them. This UPS box on Grand Avenue has become quite ugly, with hard-to-miss stickers, graffiti and other vandalism all over it. We appreciate the convenience of being able to drop packages off 24/7, but not the 24/7 eyesores.

Flattened fence
The “rain gardens” installed by DEP were a good idea in theory, but in reality, they are not well maintained. They tend to become trash pits and when they are placed in industrial areas, such as Maspeth’s 63rd Street, their fences get damaged by vehicles. It’s time to redesign these to be more truck resistant or stop installing them in bad locations.