Maspeth, the community of integrity,
marking the extraordinary courage of those who gave their all.
On the grandest avenue of them all, Grand Avenue remembers!

The skyline of New York City looks like Oz
gleaming bright, graced by the hills of Maspeth.

See the new Kosciuszko Bridge twinkling like diamonds in the dark of night.
Oh, what a lovely sight.
Honor dwells in Maspeth.

Hear the Native American drums beating.

Maspeth, We Are One.
The city cannot cleave us into two. No roadway can divide us.
Our heart beats as one.

Maspeth has her dignity, virtue, esteemed fame.
Maspeth will always be the grandest community.
Freedom rings in Maspeth.
Her people made it so.
Yes, her people made it so.

Maspeth is the past in the present looking forward to the future.
See the doves flying high over Maspeth.
Hear the children giggle as Maspeth marches on.