These three bikes have been tied up to a city rack since the end of the school year in June 2018 near PS58. They are slowly being picked apart for parts. Many 311 calls have been made to get these eyesores removed without success. This is obviously junk that should be removed by DSNY, but the agency will not remove a bike if it is judged to still be usable. For a bike to be considered unusable, it must have two or more of the following characteristics: The bike appears to be crushed or not otherwise usable; is missing essential parts such as handlebars, pedals, rear wheel or bicycle chain; the handlebars, pedals, spokes, frames or rims are damaged or bent; 50% or more of the bike is rusted, which includes parts like the frame, handlebars, pedals, and bike chain. At this point, these bikes should qualify for removal. The City goes around installing bike racks to encourage cycling, but abandoned bicycles are the unintended consequence a lot of the time. The DSNY might want to ask their inspectors, who ride around looking for infractions to ticket, to focus some of their time on checking up on this problem.