When Captain Scott Shanley assumed the post of Precinct Commander of our 104th last May, this community was deluged with motorized scooters, graffiti, teen gangs, noise, and many quality of life problems.

Captain Shanley visited groups throughout the community to listen to the various complaints. Since then, the officers of the precinct have confiscated over 175 scooters, arrested 54 graffiti vandals (20 felony arrests, 34 misdemeanor arrests), patrolled the teen gang locations and have broken up their activities, and have greatly increased enforcement of the noise problems, overnight truck parking, and many other annoying parking violations (persistent illegal truck parking has gotten the “boot” frequently enough to get the attention of the drivers).

So, thanks from the community, Captain, and Happy Anniversary!

But, Spring will soon be here, and so will the scooters, graffiti and teen rampages. Since the Officers have demonstrated their willingness to help us by tackling these problems, let’s demonstrate our willingness to help the Officers by reporting these violation promptly.

To report graffiti that has already occurred, phone the 104th Precinct Graffiti Report ine at: 718-386-2446. Then, report the sighting to the Juniper Park Civic Association, phone: 718-651-5865. Phone GCOP/104COP (Civilian Observation Patrol) at: 718-497-1500.

To report graffiti, motorized scooters or gang activity, phone 911 or 311. If the incident is occurring, phone 911. If the incident is over, phone 311.

Motorized Scooters Banned
Please note that effective 2/1/05 a city law was passed banning the sale, operation or rental of motorized scooters anywhere in NYC, including private property. A fine of $500 will be imposed on anyone caught riding a scooter and the cops are empowered to confiscate the vehicles. There will be a fine of $1,000 imposed on anyone caught selling, renting or leasing them with the fine reaching $2,000 for each subsequent violation within one year.

As you can see, the fines are stiff and should act as a deterrent to any parents out there who feel their kids need this menacing, dangerous “toy.” Call 311 with any complaints about these vehicles.

Captain Shanley and his officers distributed the “Reward Notice” with this article. Here’s the scoop: “Members of the public are eligible for up to $500 reward for reporting graffiti vandalism in progress through 911 or providing information regarding graffiti vandalism to the City Wide Vandals Task Force through 311. The information must result in the arrest and conviction of individual(s) for violation of administrative code provisions of Penal Law Statutes regarding graffiti vandalism. The City Wide Vandals Task Force will administer this program.”

Even if you think reporting graffiti for reward money is wrong, still, report any vandalism – graffiti or otherwise – as a good will gesture for the community.

There’s the variety of quality-of-life crimes we all experience frequently enough, but a scarier crime that goes on in different parts of our community is prostitution. Many argue that it is a non-violent, victimless crime – leave it alone.

But, the real, ugly truth is that prostitution locations are magnets for guns, drugs and street violence. When prostitution arrives in your neighborhood, all teens are at risk. Young girls are approached and frequently mistaken
for young prostitutes by prospective johns, or actively recruited by pimps of various ages, including teen boys. Neither the johns nor the pimps have any respect at all for women of any age, but they persist in harassing the young teen girls.

Captain Shanley and the 104 Officers are actively investigating several prostitution locations in our community, and, by the time you read this, you may have seen the news of raids and arrests.

Prostitution is serious. It is a felony. It destroys so many people.

If you believe the problem is occurring in your neighborhood, report it promptly. You may be saving some child’s life.

Phone GCOP/104COP – 718-497-1500 – to learn about the Civilian Observation Patrol. Your participation helps the Police as well as your community.

Thanks to the good neighbors who have sent letters to this column, your letters were forwarded to Captain Shanley, Commander of the 104th Precinct. You may contact him directly via email at:

The Juniper Park Civic Association welcomes all communication from the community residents or police officials. You can email your comments to POLICEBEAT104@AOL.COM.

You can mail your comments to
Police Beat 104, C/O Juniper Park
Civic Assoc., P.O. Box 790275,
Middle Village, NY 11379.

Feel free to report all graffiti locations, new or old, to this column (after you call 311). Your feedback will drive this column.