The de Blasio administration has revealed grand plans to tweak the City’s zoning code to sanction more apartments in basements, on top of garages and in backyard “sheds” in an effort to increase affordable units. The measure would also reduce parking requirements. Another signature of the program is that low-interest loans would be available to homeowners to finance efforts to bring units up to code. As to be expected, there are no plans to improve infrastructure to handle what amounts to a citywide upzoning. It also seems to not be understood that those renting out illegal apartments currently are doing so because the money is not being reported as income to the IRS and they pay lower property taxes by having their building misclassified. Legalizing does not behoove those who want money under the table by renting to those living under the radar. A better idea is to mandate that a certain percentage of units in large new buildings be earmarked as affordable as has been suggested by two prospective candidates for mayor and was part of the Reform Party's platform during the 2017 election season.