Mayor de Blasio says bail reform is a problem. Police Commissioner Dermot Shea says bail reform is a problem. However, at COMET’s February meeting, when Capt. Michael Gibbs (right), Commanding Officer of the 108 Pct (former Executive Officer of the 104th Pct), said bail reform is a problem and that attendees should contact their state representatives to fix it, Sebastian Maguire, legislative director for Council Member Danny Dromm, took great umbrage with it, claiming that NYPD personnel are not allowed to “lobby while in uniform.” The fact that Gibbs simply reiterated the position of his superiors, as well as our governor, was apparently lost on Maguire. He sent his hot tip, along with the private phone numbers of meeting attendees (without their consent), to the anti-cop blog Gothamist which did a pretty unsuccessful hit piece on Gibbs for basically being honest. A formal complaint against Gibbs, who also happens to be a distinguished Air Force veteran, was also filed. JPCA supports Captain Gibbs and thinks taxpayer funded City Council staffers should find better things to do with their time than attempt to stifle speech that they don’t agree with.