The Pan Am hotel suffered a fire in a second floor room early in the morning of May 6th. It was rumored by shelter residents to have been caused by a hot plate left on overnight, but the official cause was reported as a candle in a bathroom. A family of four was displaced by the fire, but no injuries were reported. The residents complained to DNA Info on May 11th that they are served frozen, unhealthy and inadequate food and that reports of food poisoning are common. The Pan Am, if it were to become a permanent shelter, is required by law to contain kitchens, which would prevent the need for any type of hazardous hot plate, and would limit the city's liability for food provision. But this administration doesn't seem to care about following the law, as it still plans to enter into an illegal permanent contract with Samaritan Village, the shelter operators, who have no plans to build kitchens. Interestingly, the Cooper Avenue shelter's building plans also lack kitchens.