Here we are standing in Middle Village but looking toward Maspeth. The “building booms” of the 1930s resulted in construction of thousands of row-houses in the area similar to those on the west side of the street. The homes on the right pre-date those, with some dating back to the 19th Century. The roads on this day were not particularly busy but we see a few now-classic cars are out and about. A Corvington style lamppost is present on the corner and a red/green stoplight stands on the opposite corner. There are greenhouses present at the northwestern corner that served the needs of area florists. In the foreground we see a gas station selling Tydol gasoline and Veedol automotive products. The curb in front of the station is marked as a bus stop. A lady in a winter coat passes just out of the field of view, heading south.

In 2021, there are many similarities and differences, but one stark change. The greenhouses have been replaced by a BP service station. Tydol was actually bought by BP but the former site of that station is instead under Mobil branding now. The rowhomes all remain but some of the older homes have been replaced by more modern housing. The bus stop on 69th Street was moved to the other side of Eliot Avenue. The pole advertising Tydol has been replaced by a much taller flagpole. The Corvington has been replaced by an LED streetlight and the traffic signal now has three lights instead of two and hangs over the intersection, which is much, much busier these days.