For 19 years Christ the King Community Day Care has been proud to offer the community quality childcare starting at 6 weeks of age. Since opening, they have provided professional care that stresses both academic and social growth in a warm and caring environment. According to Executive Director Janine Michel, “The key to our success is staying true to the original vision. We watch for community needs and respond. Five years ago we saw a need to offer a Universal Pre-K program and once again, the response has been amazing!”

Growth and change must always include advances in technology. Michel was very pleased to announce that in the near future the Day Care and Universal Pre-K will be the first school in District 24 to be incorporating the latest advancement in early education, the SMART Table. “Many are familiar with how the SMART Board has changed education and business. The use of SMART Tables in our classrooms is a natural progression in our efforts to offer the best education for our students.” Michel continued, “I know from watching my two year old son what most studies have proven; specifically, that young children are able to learn much more than previously thought. These SMART Tables are interactive learning centers that tap into the child’s natural capabilities and encourage collaboration, consensus building and problem solving as multiple students can use them at the same time. Our teachers will use the SMART Table to enhance our current curriculum giving children a place to explore digital lessons, play educational games and work together on activities. Students will be prompted and congratulated with sound and graphic cues as they learn to work as a team. I would also like to add that our school will be expanding our curriculum to include Foreign Language this coming year. This is an exciting time for our students, parents and teachers.”

Registration for the Universal Pre-K coincides with the launch of the SMART Tables this February 2012. For more information, visit the Christ the King Community website at or call 718-417-6770. Facebook users can visit