We all know that Americans are having tough times in the current fragile economy. We have families right in our neighborhood that could use some help this Christmas Holiday Season. Stepping up again as they did last year Juniper Park Civic Association Executive Board Members Theresa Riley and Mary Ann Ricevuto are taking their annual Christmas Collection for the Holidays.

Theresa and Mary Ann have placed their Holiday solicitation jars in Middle Village businesses Silver Barn, Met Food Super Market, Harry's Hardware, Phillies Pizzeria and also Maspeth's Stop & Shop Super market. Theresa reports that so far they have collected $600 at Silver Barn and management will give an additional donation, Met Food has collected $550 and the other merchants are working hard to raise moneys for the Christmas Season.

We applaud their efforts and thank the merchants who are participating in this great annual Christmas effort that will surely brighten the Holiday Season for those residents in our community who may be experiencing tough times as the American economy remains so very fragile. Of course we send our gratitude to Our Lady of Hope pastor, Fr. Michael Carrano who will see to it that the money is distributed wisely to our neighborhood families in need.