It is with great difficulty and trepidation in which I write this article but the truth needs to be told. In less than a year we are going to elect, or re-elect, a president. The Republican Party debates have been under way for some time and I have to give these candidates, despite their frailties, their inexperience, and their incompetence a little praise for what they’re going through. The debates are a sham, a fraud. I find it amazing that every four years all of the sudden these ineffectual candidates are thrown at us! Their smiles are all the same, forced and premeditated. Their teeth appear whiter, larger than normal.

In large part the debates are moderated by left-wing idealists with agendas; none of which is to ask pertinent questions; ones the American people would like a precise answer. Wolf Blitzer and Brian Williams have led this pack of egomaniacs. They don’t want an answer as much as they want to hear their own voices and embarrass each candidate; get the upper hand and become larger than the debate itself. It’s all just one big game to them. They want to become a ‘sound bite’ for the next day’s evening news. The smirks on their faces when this feat is accomplished are as disgusting as their lack of honesty or right of fair play.

I guess I’m showing my age, 56. I was born in 1955. Years before I was born journalists were a thriving force in objectivity as they reported the news. Somewhere along the way, and I can’t pinpoint the exact time and place, but these men and women got bought off, paid in full, and with this fact the truth, along with their souls, have been sucked into a void, a black hole.

A long time ago Sunday was a sacred day. A day in which people would relax, attend Church and enjoy a family day. We had values. Stores were all closed out of reverence. Neighborhoods were quiet, clean. People were respectful. Then came another wave of immigrants and each of us had to tread lightly. This new breed of foreigner looking for prosperity is super sensitive. They’re quick to cry foul when they don’t get their way. Today we have ‘ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS’ and all politicians are fawning over them in order to secure their support, their vote. No one seems to mind the word ‘ILLEGAL’ when referring to these people. I’m confident that illegal still means the same as it always did, (against the law) but maybe I’m wrong. Democrats show a false sense of caring, hypocritical nurturers. (I often wonder how many Mexicans are on the average Democrats ‘speed dial.’) Republicans show only incompetence, cowardice. California just passed a bill that will give financial aid to those students who are living in the state illegally. California is now officially morally bankrupted as well as financially.

In short the United States of America is a sinking ship, taking on water, much like its debt, faster than we can toss it back overboard, and no one, especially our leader in futility, President Barack Hussein Obama, has a solution. Every speech he makes, every appearance he makes is about creating one and only one job and that is his own; his re-election. Four more years! Anyone who believes this man has an ounce of sincerity in his body has been ill-advised.

Protesters have taken to the streets and they’re nothing more than pawns in the increasingly deceitful political process that tell these people what to say and where to say it. They carry used cardboard to use as banners. Their scribbling is artificial; at least the 60s gave us clever catch phrases. Put a microphone in front of these people and they prove their clueless as to what they want.

In the end it’s all about the rich getting richer, the lies getting larger, and the power grabbers being satiated. The division in political parties is getting further and further apart, a bi-partisan disgrace. And finally it’s the people, American citizens, and the good hard-working tax payers, who get caught in the crossfire of finger pointing and lies, our civil liberties being taken away each and every day. We’re made to feel guilty, or worse yet stupid, if we don’t agree with all politicians, especially the president. The fact is if you’re not going to vote for Obama you must be a racist.

The political process, both Democrats and Republicans, have let the people down, and in a big way. It’s been this way for over a decade. Is there an answer? Will things ever change for the better? In my opinion the answer is no; not now, not with the current creatures roaming and slithering along the corridors of Congress and the Senate, their hands out, their pockets full, pensions fruitful, and their morals tossed aside long ago! There smiles and smirks nauseating. How much is enough? How much do they need? Will it ever be enough? This is the beginning of the end for a great nation, a great people who had shown awe-inspiring promise for over two hundred years. We had a great run. I can only hope I’m proven wrong; yet time is running out very quickly. The clock is ticking. Will we be remembered with the following epitaph?

United States of America
JULY, 1776 – NOVEMBER, 2012
Victim of Greed and Corruption
Rest in Peace