Hello again readers, it’s good to be writing for you again. I want to help students in the eighth grade like me who are studying in school and for the TACH test. I want to share tips about studying that I feel are important and the simplest way to study for a test, so trust me when I say this will really help you.

Step 1: Find the important info. Usually teachers ask questions from the book or in relation to the book’s questions. So, first look at the questions in the book and find the info that answers those questions and note them; next up are tips on writing notes.

Step 2: Make outlines! In 4th grade I learned from my teachers the simplest way to write notes is to make an outline. The outline consists of main ideas broken up into few parts and under each one, list the main ideas of the chapter. Under that put small details that tell you what you need to know.

Step 3: Make Flash Cards! The best way to study vocabulary words is to make flash cards, write the words on one side and a definition and/or a sentence with the word on the other side. Trying to use them in class and everyday life can also help you learn those words. By breaking down the words into cards you are better able to remember the meanings and you can take them anywhere, even study on your way to school on the day of the test. Another vocabulary tip, try to associate the words with things in your life. This makes it so much easier to remember the meaning when you see the word on the test.

Step 4: How to study your notes. Have a friend or parent read the flash cards to you, whether you have them read the definition and you give the word or vise versa. Now don’t cram all the info in one night, that’s how you get confused, every day or every other day read and study up on one section of the chapter. Plan your time too; make sure you separate the study periods so you don’t cram the night before. When you take the test, if you finish early, you have more time to reread the stuff you didn’t fully understand.

Step 5: HoneyComb, Cocoa Puffs, or Trix…. Whatever you like, eat it for breakfast. A good breakfast is important and will help you remember the work you studied. Remember too that there is no need to rush, if you do, you can make simple mistakes, and if you have extra time, look it over.

Remember these simple study skills can help you work better in 8th grade, and in high school and especially in college.

The best teachers always seem to give the most homework, but remember that they are just trying to get you ready for your next years of school. Be thankful for them, you will remember them when you are in college and doing all the work on your own. Even I complain about homework and get annoyed by it, but when you get to high school and college, essays and homework will be a breeze. I watch my brother and all the work he has in college and he still uses the study habits he learned in grammar school.

My last tip… have fun, study hard, set your goals, and then achieve them.