On November 9th JPCA President Robert Holden and Treasurer Tony Nunziato met with newly elected Congressman Bob Turner is his Forest Hills congressional office. The main topic of discussion was the City Council’s vote to limit the Department of Correction’s cooperation with ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) agency pertaining to Illegal Aliens in city jails.

Congressman Turner was outraged by the legislation which will result in jeopardizing the safety of all New Yorkers. As a result of the meeting, Congressman Turner met with Congressman Peter King, Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security. At press time Rep. King and Rep. Turner were expected to issue a joint press release on the legislation. See JPCA editorial in this issue. Congressman Turner also pledged his support to the residents of Middle Village currently having major problems with railroad operations in their backyards. Noise and pollution have plagued residents living close to the rail corridor through our area.