Although nothing can ever compare to the events of that September day so many years ago, the National September 11 Memorial Museum allows the visitor a chance to understand the event and get up close to the artifacts and sounds of that day.

On Monday, May 19th, my wife and I had the opportunity to take a tour of the museum before it officially opened its doors to the public. With such an emotionally charged tragedy it is understandable that there would be differences of opinion and perspective on how the museum should be presented. With that in mind, the exhibits of twisted steel columns, personal items found in the rubble and aircraft parts are respectfully displayed with detailed information of each item.

There is much to see and hear which gave us a slight feeling of information overload and since there was no set route to take but rather each visitor could venture in more than one direction a thought that we may have missed something important stayed with us throughout our visit.

The museum does not shy away from some of the more graphic scenes that unfolded that day but those specific areas are sectioned off and visitors are advised of the shocking content that they will encounter if they choose to enter.

Bring your walking shoes.