Middle Village lost another one of its fast disappearing links connecting it with the past as a community of farms and fruit orchards when an old cherry tree that has stood on the corner of 70th street and 67th road for more than 50 years was cut down by order of the Parks Department last week. This tree, one of the few remaining fruit trees in the locality, was one popular with children along 67th road, between 78th and 80th streets. The tree stood outside of the home of Mrs. Barbara Hendel, mother of Assemblyman Frank B. Hendel. — Brooklyn Eagle, Dec 22, 1929

Eagan Injured while Gunning for Rabbits in Maspeth.
John Eagan, 18 years old, of 244 Lorimer street, is today nursing a number of small wounds in the fleshy part of his hips. He was shot yesterday while hunting rabbits in the woods near Maspeth. Egan started out with a young companion about 10 o’clock yesterday morning. He was armed with a double-barreled shotgun. While going through the Maspeth Woods, Eagan spied a squirrel up a tree and according to his story placed his gun against the tree and climbed into the branches. In some way not clearly explained by Eagan the gun went off and he received the full contents thereof, about sixty in all. He was then taken to St. Catherine’s Hospital, where about one-half of the shot was extracted by the doctors. He will return to the hospital tomorrow to have the rest of the shot taken from his body — Brooklyn Eagle, Dec 9, 1901

Charles Arcott and Charles Rotteck of Metropolitan, who were acquitted in the Queens County court yesterday of a charge of manslaughter for causing the death of William Hessner of Maspeth on Oct. 24 last, at the saloon of William Rinhold, 484 Forest Ave, Ridgewood. The three men engaged in a fight in which Hessner, who was known in the neighborhood for his great strength was knocked out. The two youths later carried Hessner from the saloon and left him lying on the sidewalk. Both of them were badly beaten. Hessner was found dead a short time later. The defendants testified that they acted to defend themselves. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty. — Brooklyn Eagle, Jan 28, 1921

John Voit, 57, of 65-41 79th Place, Middle Village, Queens, disappeared early yesterday morning from his home. Hours after he was found in the rear yard of a neighbor’s house by Margaret Gregor of 65-42 Dry Harbor Road. His breast was slashed and he had been dead for hours. A razor was clutched in his right hand. According to the police, they had been notified of his absence from home and were searching for him at the time his body was found. The police stated that the family informed them that he had been despondent for the past two months. He was employed in the H C. Bohack warehouse in Maspeth. He leaves a wife and three daughters. — Brooklyn Eagle, Jan 19, 1931

The generosity of 12-year-old Raymond Wojcik of 56-14 Hamilton Place, Maspeth, in sharing a greater part of $258, which he is accused of having stolen from a neighborhood store, is responsible today for his being in the custody of the Queens Children’s Society. Police became suspicious of the youngster’s good nature after Michael Bozaczowski of 56-19 Hamilton Place reported the theft of the money Saturday night. His brother, John, 18, was arraigned on a charge of receiving stolen goods and was held in $500 bail for hearing on Jan. 13. Detectives said Raymond was found with $73 in his possession and John with $60. — Brooklyn Eagle, Jan 12, 1942