Three friends of 50 years came back to their old neighborhood and discovered the community needed a classic and simple “burger joint.” Originally hailing from Stockholm Street, Dominic Roggio, Anthony Moschitta and Frank Barbarino have opened Burger City in Ridgewood.

Quick-serve, small and cozy, situated on Metropolitan Avenue at Forest Ave just off Eliot, Burger City awaits you the next time you ride these main thoroughfares. So, if you require an easy-fast lunch or want to take a break from the evening kitchen, consider a nostalgic menu. I immediately recognized that taste of pickle and onion topped burgers, as well as their super thick shakes (I had the Black-and-White), that reminded me of an old standby, White Castle. Of course, these burgers are fresh, not frozen, and are larger, up to a quarter pound doubled, if you like. And they also offer Hebrew National hot dogs, knishes and crispy chicken.

So check yourself out in the large mirrors while your order is prepared, nibble some French Fries or grab a stool-view window of Metropolitan Avenue. And even if you don’t happen to be passing through very often, keep in mind that they have free parking and they also deliver.