Brooklyn Eagle March 18, 1885 The Surrogate of Queens County has an interesting case pending in his court. Jane Ann Daly, of Long Island City, has a petition asking that a suitable person be appointed guardian of the person and estate of Jeanette Robertshaw, a girl not quite twelve years old. It appears that the child is now in the custody of John Weiser and his wife, of Middle Village who are like parents but who in June, 1874 transferred the ownership of the child for an understood consideration to Mr. and Mrs. Robertshaw, the agreement of transfer being filed in the County Clerk’s office.

In December last Mr. and Mrs. Robertshaw died suddenly within a few days of each other and the Weisers at once repossessed themselves of the child which, when they parted with it, was only five moths old. The petitioner who is the sister of Mrs. Robertshaw, claims that under the deed of transfer a copy of which is offered the parents have no right to the child and Mrs. Daly desires possession of the little one. Mr. Robertshaw left an estate of several thousand dollars but no will and the question of the child’s right to inherit will be raised if the Weisers do not give her up to Mrs. Daly. The Weisers are said to have been well to do when they parted with the infant, and the reason for doing so is one of the unexplained facts of the case.