Pursuant to Section 4-08(m)(9) of the NYC Administrative Code, when parking is not otherwise restricted, no person shall park any vehicle in any area, including a residential area, in excess of seven consecutive days.

That means that any car parked in the same spot for 7 days can be towed away. What we're finding here in Middle Village is that because there's no parking restrictions a lot of people from other neighborhoods where there are restrictions are parking their cars here, some for months at a time. Many of the cars have out of state license plates. We're going to start a crackdown with the cooperation of the 104th Pct. and have any car parked over a week towed away. Also, some people own junk cars that, if they're not warehoused in the community driveways, are left out on our streets taking precious parking spaces from local residents for long periods of time. Any car without license plates can be towed very quickly by calling 311 and following up on the complaint to make sure 311 doesn't just mark it as mission accomplished so they can remove it from the 311 site. Yes, you may have noticed, 311 is known to do just that!.