Captain Mark Wachter, Commander of the 104th Precinct, announced June 11th that a large quantity of drugs was taken off the streets of Maspeth in a sweep by the NYPD Narcotics Division. Then on July 20th, seven more arrests were made by the Narcotics Division for possession of cocaine. All of the persons that were arrested were Maspeth residents. In mid-August Capt. Wachter reported that the 104th Pct made a large bust that involved a Maspeth dealer. The arrests addressed some of the locations that residents had submitted regarding narcotics activity. On August 27th members of the 104 Pct Special Operations Unit arrested a male as he was driving recklessly around Maspeth with 20 grams of crack, assorted pills and $4500 cash.The Narcotics Division is led by former 104th Pct Commanding Officer Deputy Inspector Michael Cody. To address the increased drug activity in the neighborhoods, Deputy Inspector Cody has notified the JPCA that he’d like to attend an upcoming town meeting.