On Wednesday, August 19, 2015 at approximately 11:20 pm in front of 60-47 77 Street Middle Village four (4) youths ages 15-17 (all from East New York) were observed removing property from inside a vehicle on 76th St. near Caldwell Ave.

104 Precinct Officers were notified and responded to the scene and after a brief foot pursuit all four (4) suspects were apprehended thanks to the combined efforts of the cops and at least 4 area residents.

All four perps were charged with Petit Larceny, Criminal Possession of Stolen Property and Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle. Two of the teens were charged as adults while the two 15-year olds were charged as juveniles. All four had traveled to Middle Village by bicycle or scooter.

The 104 Precinct thanked the residents who notified 911 and the residents who assisted with the apprehension. Captains Wachter and Mackie along with Special Operations Lieutenant Helmer were involved in the chase. “They caught one kid in front of my house on 58th Rd between 77th Place and 76th Street, I have to say God bless our 104th (Precinct) they were all running all over the place,” said area resident Cindy Danielski.

The youths had prior arrest records. The Juniper Berry learned that the two 15-year olds had to spend extra time in police custody because their mothers, living in homeless shelters, would not come to claim them. That may explain why the young teens were permitted to roam our streets near