I would like to take the opportunity to reintroduce myself to all in the community. I am Deputy Inspector Michael Cody and I have been recently assigned as Commanding Officer of Queens North Narcotics. As many of you know I commanded the 104th and 115th Precinct from 2011 until October of last year when I was reassigned to the Narcotics Division. I am in charge of all narcotics, gang and Vice related operations in the 8 precincts that encompass Queens North. I am excited to once again serve the Middle Village and Maspeth communities.

This area is relatively free of major crime, but as in all areas of the city, drug sales and usage are issues. I work closely with Captain Wachter in identifying what drug use issues are best addressed by his capable uniformed officers versus what conditions require the expertise of the Narcotics Division. Most sales are pre-arranged by text or phone calls and the “open air” drug markets of the past are fortunately obsolete. There are a few steps the community can do to aid my investigators when a suspected drug seller is observed.

First of all details are key. The community knows who is out of place. Providing vehicle descriptions, actions of people and the times of day that transactions occur can aid my investigators. Also, any photographs or videos are also valuable. Narcotics sale complaints can be made anonymously to the 104th Precinct, via 311 or to the Juniper Park Civic. Any information received will be investigated. It goes without saying that safety is key. Please observe suspicious behavior and record details. If at any point something looks ominous immediately call 911.

I am looking forward to once again working with the community and will certainly attend upcoming Juniper Park Civic meetings along with my staff. I look forward to meeting with many of you soon!