Remembering Dominick Safuto

I was saddened to read in your December issue of the passing of Dominick Safuto of Randy & the Rainbows fame. I attended Grover Cleveland High School with his cousin, Phyllis Safuto, who lived on Eliot Ave. Although she was a Senior and I was a Junior, she always looked out for me. Some of the other Junior girls teased me because I was in several Honors classes, which wasn't very “cool” in the 60s.

One day, Phyllis invited her cousin, Dominick, to join us for lunch in Cleveland's cafeteria. The Junior girls were green with envy and it was the highlight of my Junior year. I felt like the “Queen of Cleveland” for the day. I never forgot the kindness of a 20-year old rock star to me, then a shy, 16-year old girl. Thank you and God Bless You, Dominick. R.I.P.

Donna Horak
Rego Park

DOT: There was nothing to fix there

This letter was received on January 2 by Assembly Member Cathy Nolan’s office:

This is in response to your February 2018 letter on behalf of your constituent requesting additional traffic controls at the intersections of Flushing Avenue with 55th and 59th Streets. DOT completed its analyses. Factors such as vehicular and pedestrian volumes, crash experience, vehicular speeds, visibility and signal spacing were all taken into consideration in making our determinations. Based upon our evaluations of the data collected, we have determined that additional traffic controls do not meet nationally recognized traffic engineering safety standards required for the installation of traffic controls. Additional information on how traffic control studies are conducted is available on the DOT website. Thank you for your interest in this matter.

Nicole Garcia
DOT Queens Borough Commissioner

The complaint to DOT, as documented in “Things That Are Dumb” in the March 2018 Juniper Berry was that “there are no marked crosswalks or curb cuts, which means it is not ADA compliant.” It’s not difficult to paint lines and fix concrete and is a federal requirement. Perhaps the commissioner might want to address that issue, and not wait 10 more months to respond. – Ed.

Help find missing cats

Four colony cats have been missing since Friday, Jan 4 from 74th Street near Eliot Ave, Middle Village 11379. Missing cats: 2 females with calico/tabby markings both ear-tipped and 2 male tabbies, one is ear tipped. Photos attached. f you have any info – please contact Elaina: or 914-804-9884

Elaina Lombardo
Middle Village

It’s been a great run

It had been my hope that I would be able to finish out this term in office. Unfortunately, that is not to be. Given the current state of my health and my ongoing health issues, it has become increasingly difficult to fully perform the powers and duties of my office in the manner in which I have done since 1991. Accordingly, I intend to resign as District Attorney effective June 1, 2019, the twenty-eighth anniversary of my first assuming this office. In the interim, pursuant to the provisions of subdivisions 3 and 4 of section 702 of the County Law, section 9 of the Public Officers Law, and such other applicable provisions of law, I hereby designate my Chief Assistant, John M. Ryan to exercise the powers and duties of the office of District Attorney while I address my health issues. I will continue to work closely with my staff until my retirement to ensure an orderly transition for this office and for the residents of Queens County.
I thank the people of Queens for their much appreciated support over the years. It is has been my honor to serve you. I particularly want to express my appreciation to all those who have worked so professionally and diligently in this office as Assistant District Attorneys, Investigators and members of our support staff. Together we have built what I believe to be one of the finest prosecutor’s offices in the country.

Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown

The one that got away

On February 16, 2019 I was going to the Dollar store on Myrtle Ave and 71st Place when I heard a noise that sounded like rustling and flapping. I looked to where the sound was coming from and I saw this scene unfold before my eyes. A hawk and a pigeon were in a violent struggle right here in the heart of Glendale, NY!!

I didn’t want to disturb nature and so I stood away but managed to capture some pictures, while the struggle continued. The hawk was now aware of my presence and didn’t want to concentrate on the pigeon while I watched and recorded the action. He dragged the pigeon out into the middle of the street but couldn’t carry him away as he lifted off in flight. The pigeon got lucky this time and flew away wounded but alive.

The hawk and the pigeon were almost the same size and so I guess that was the determining factor of one going hungry and one escaping death and surviving to live another day.

Thanks for your consideration,