I am a New Yorker, exploring North Dakota on vacation.
Never having had Starbucks coffee before I stepped into a Starbucks in Fargo, N.D., to order a cup.
I was surprised when an attentive young waiter asked my name.
My reply, “Why?”
No one in N.Y. ever asked my name when ordering coffee.
So, I was suspicious. An attendant behind a counter told me to take a seat, and said,
“Why, we will call you when your coffee is ready.”
I waited several minutes when I heard someone yell,
And, I thought, why?
I kept hearing someone call, “Why?”
An annoyed waiter walked up to me, said,
“Why, your coffee!”
I responded, “Why, thank you.”
I thought to myself, why is this waiter so terse?
He is not like all the beautiful people of North Dakota, who go out of their way to help you.
A friend later asked,
“Why did you visit North Dakota?”
“Why?” I said,
“I saved the best for last. That’s why.”