As a child growing up in Brooklyn, some of my fondest memories were of visiting family and friends during Christmas time. It truly was the most wonderful time of the year! Whether these were planned affairs or just impromptu gatherings, one thing was for sure: The best food, drink and times were about to be had by all! I often think back to the times in my life when I was blessed to be sitting around the table amongst some of the greatest human beings that ever walked this planet. I cannot help but smile, even though so many of them are gone, their spirits still live large in my mind & heart. As we prepare to celebrate the Holidays and Christmas in particular, I want to dedicate this column to my family and all the heroes and giants in your families as well that are no longer with us, but who made this time of year extra special! What I am offering you today is a play on those old school / impromptu Holiday gatherings. This is my fun take on cocktails and finger foods, Christmas & New Year’s Party Style! Buon Appetit!