Mrs. Joseph Gross’ Family Equals That of Mrs. Robert Owens; Both Live in Middle Village

Mrs. Robert Owens, of 66-02 74th St, Middle Village, who, as the mother of 16 living children, has been chosen for honors at Parents’ Day exercises in Central Park Sunday as mother of the largest living family in New York City, has competition right in her own neighborhood. It was learned that Mrs. Joseph Gross, of 1824 Metropolitan Ave, Middle Village, also has 16 living children, the oldest 33 years old and the youngest 8. Besides the 16 living children, Mrs. Gross lost two. One, a daughter, died at the age of 22, and the other at the age of 4. Mrs. Gross said, however, she had no intention of trying to take the honors away from Mrs. Owens, or even to share them. She said she was satisfied that the honors were going to Middle Village. She did not know whether she would attend the exercises.