The plan of a man describing himself as Anthony Seigel, 23 years old, a laborer, of 19 Clermont Street, Maspeth, to play Santa Claus was frustrated early today by Patrolman John Anolosky, of Stagg Street station. If Anolosky has anything to say about it, Seigel will be in jail on Christmas.

Anoleky was passing the candy and cigar store of Walter Makimas, 148 Grattan Street, at 3 A. M., today, when Seigel, it is alleged, rushed from the store, bumped into the officer, and nearly knocked him over.

At the time Seigel was carrying a bag filled with Christmas toys, cigars and cigarettes. Dropping the bag, Seigel ran along Grattan Street, in the direction of Morgan Street, pursued by the patrolman, and was captured after three shots had been fired after him.

When taken to Stagg Street station, he was charged with burglary, and when asked why he had broken into the store, he said he wanted to play Santa on Christmas to a number of children of whom he was very fond.

The police found in his possession a number of skeleton keys, and when he was fingerprinted, according to the police, it was discovered he had been arrested half a dozen times for burglary, and convicted on three occasions. Efforts will be made to connect him, with other store robberies. He will be taken today to Bridge Plaza Court.