Nicole Laveglia, a nurse from Maspeth, parked her car one early January night near the corner of 52nd Avenue and 70th Street. When she woke up in the morning, she saw the car being towed away. It currently is the law that signs are to be posted for 48 hours prior to a sign being altered or installed, which did not happen. A neighbor provided video of it all as it unfolded. The DOT had installed 2 “no parking” signs where her car had been, and she promptly was ticketed and towed without warning. She was slapped with a $185 towing fee as well as a $115 fine. After all that, the DOT determined that the signs were a mistake, and returned to remove them. Nicole received a refund of her ticket but the towing fee was not reversed. She was provided with contact information for the NYC Comptroller’s office to try to help her get her money refunded. Good luck, Nicole!