Anyone who has worked in a nursing home can tell you the health requirements of all employees: You must present evidence of immunity from measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox, you must show you are not infected with tuberculosis or hepatitis and you must either get a yearly flu shot or walk around wearing a mask during flu season. Patients with active infections also may not be admitted to nursing homes, since these diseases spread like wildfire in congregate living facilities where residents socialize and eat together. However, with thousands of open beds available at temporary hospitals sitting idle, Governor Cuomo mandated that nursing homes take patients from hospitals who were actively infected with COVID and also stated that nursing homes may not reject admissions who hadn’t been tested. Dr. Howard Zucker, who is both a physician and an attorney, is the state’s Health Commissioner, yet apparently went along with this. The edict resulted in the deaths of thousands of nursing home residents. This negligence borders on criminal and is likely to result in several investigations, yet Cuomo is highly rated for his handling of the crisis.