It may appear that everything in the 1935 photo above has disappeared, but that’s not the case. Nearly every prominent structure is extant, albeit altered. According to a 99-year old neighbor that recently passed away, the white houses were built in the early 1900s. In between the two houses the Brandt family had a flower farm, and across the street they owned a dairy farm. From left to right: The row houses on 62nd Avenue can be seen in the distance. The tall white house is still there, but a side addition has widened it. Its twin down the street also remains. Crossing Dry Harbor Road, we see one end of the row houses on 83rd Street, which in 1935 had recently been built, are still standing today. Subsequent decades of development have filled in the gaps. One thing noticeably absent from the streetscape in the farming days was trees, which are plentiful today. A mix of classic and modern is what makes the neighborhood of Middle Village such a great place to live.