Goldington Court received some new street trees this past January 24th courtesy of the poor judgment of a Parks contractor. When photos of the installation were posted to Facebook, professional arborist and civic leader Carsten Glaeser made the following comment: “Thats troubling. The Parks Forestry contractual tree planting season is March 15-May 1, Sept 1 – Oct 15. With the non-enforcement hands off strategy of the planting rules upon their contractors, trees have been observed being installed in 95F temps in June and now mid-winter. Three weeks of <20F temps with unprotected root balls may have resulted in frozen root balls, killing vital tree roots essential for the spring shoots above. Keep these photos should these trees fail to deliver what we all expect from new trees - a full verdant healthy crown with no dead wood worthy of the $1750 cost to the tax payer." By mid-May, the trees were noticeably dead. Response from Parks: "One of our foresters has inspected the five shingle oaks that were planted on January 24, 2018 and has confirmed that they are indeed dead. The contractor has been notified of the current condition of the trees, and they will be replaced in the next available planting season."