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Originally published in the December 2003 Juniper Berry Magazine

Letters to the Editor – December 2003

Dear Mr. Holden,

With my thanks and appreciation

to you and the Juniper

Park Civic Association for

blocking the building of Home

Depot on the Keyspan site.

The meeting I attended at the

School of Heroes opened my

eyes to the resignation and

defeat felt by most of our

elected officials. In contrast,

I will particularly remember

Councilman Gallagher when I

vote. Should Mr. Ognibene

decided to run for office, he

will have my vote as well. As a

life-long Maspeth resident I am

thrilled to have another park in

our area.

If our communities join

together, we can defeat anything

they try to throw at us.

With gratitude,

Diane Horton


Dear Mr. Holden,

Just a short note of thanks

for all your hard work in fighting

the Home Depot project

on the old Keyspan site. I

attended some of the meetings

and know you were very

instrumental in the fight. I live

in Maspeth and was very much

against this project. The traffic

presently on Grand Avenue is

just horrendous with all the

trucks. That's the next thing I

would like to see change. That

is, to have the traffic pattern of

these trucks re-routed a different


Thanks again for a job well

done....Who says you can't

fight big business.

Sincerely yours,

Adrienne Facciponte


Dear Editor:

To all those who said Done

Deal about the prospect of a

Home Depot, a storage facility

and a bank coming to the site

of the former Elmhurst gas

tanks – see!! Bob Holden of the

Juniper Park Civic Association

said it best,Tell your children

that people can have an effect

on the government, this was a

lesson in civics.

Thanks to our elected officials,

Councilman Gallagher and

former Councilman,Tom

Ognibene, Congressmen

Crowley and Wiener, State

Senator Maltese,Assemblywoman

Markey and of course, Mayor

Bloomberg, Republicans and

Democrats all came together

behind the will of the people.

We wanted a park, maybe

senior housing, a community

center but last on the wish list

was a big box store with more

trucks and traffic in an already

congested area with the

Stop&Shop mall, the Stop&Shop

storage facility and Restaurant

Depot with all the tractor trailers

double parked with their

engines running all day making

74th Street impossible for cars

and pedestrians.

To those who said we didn't

need a park, we need a police

station, a post office ad hardware

store, etc., yes we do but

why not use the empty stores

on Grand Avenue.A police substation

could be put on 65th

place at the former Martin

Paint Store, it is near major

roads and is in the center of

Maspeth. How about the Postal

Service opening a store front

on Grand Avenue to ease congestion

at the 69th Street Post

Office, it is done all over


To those who said this is

valuable land that will be taken

off the tax rolls, what is the

land value of Central Park?

Aren't we glad someone had

the vision in the mid-1800's to

create an oasis in the middle of

NYC? How could we imagine

Manhattan without it?

If the trend in Queens continues

we will have population

increases, higher density housing

and more traffic.We already

have the worst air quality in

the city.The people of a future

Queens will certainly need

more green spaces and more


One of the major reasons

people give or leaving NYC is

quality of life. I think we can all

agree we need more quality of life.

Thank you,

Richard Polgar


To all the Naysayers:

We did it.We got our park.

We, as in the people who hung

all the posters, handed out surveys,

held and attended meetings,

wrote letters and dedicated

ourselves, not you.

No, not you, who said to us

as we were hanging posters,

This is a done deal, I don't

know why you're wasting your


Not you, who never came

to one community meeting to

give us support because you

had something better to do,

perhaps watch TV.The next

time we have something big to

fight, you will be back, nagging

at us because negative people

like you hate to see anyone

succeed and see dreams come


So, I am sure you are really

unhappy about the fact the

community got a park.We

already heard from two of you

during our celebration and

protest of the Grand Avenue

traffic,We want a 110

precinct! Not a park! I don't

need to address how ludicrous

it would be to put a precinct

that isn't in the center of its

district, but I will say that you

just like to be contrary.You will

fight us no matter what, and

we will win, because we have

what's best for the community

at heart, you don't.We fight for

everyone; you fight just to fight

against us.

Well, even though you live

to hate us, we are just as happy

to present this park to you and

your family, as we will be to

enjoy it ourselves.

Tiffany Elliott

Middle Village

Dear Editor:

Can you let me know if the

flight patterns have changed

over the Middle Village, New

York area over the last week?


noisier and busy. If this is not

just my imagination, then I

wonder why your constituents

were not made aware of this. I

spent last night searching the

web for any information, but

could not find any.

If you would be so kind as to

let me know what you can



Richard Zeltmann

Middle Village

Dear Editor:

Just moved here from

Howard Beach. I've found my

community- I love this neighborhood!

Theresa Bernato

Middle Village

To All,

We are certainly appreciative

of your good work for our



Ann & Anthony Asaro

To whom it may concern:

At approximately 8:45 pm

this evening, I learned that our

neighborhood was being

sprayed for West Nile Virus.

While I realize that this is a

serious virus and precautions

are being taken to prevent the

spread of it, I think it was horrific

that we were not properly

notified. I think notices should

have been mailed to each and

every one of us alerting us, as

we all have our windows open

on such a beautiful night. I'd

like to know what is going to

be done about this so that residents

can be properly


Thank you.

Barbara Flannery

Middle Village

Dear Editor:

On Sunday November 16th,

2003, the Fresh Pond Diner

closed it doors for good. That

diner has been in this area for

many years long before I was

even born. I will miss it and I

will miss the people that

worked there.

A new Commerce Bank will

take its place. Yes... another

bank in an area that is surrounded

by banks and drug

stores. I don't understand why

another Commerce branch

should open up when they just

opened a new branch on 80th

Street and Metropolitan

Avenue less than a year ago.

The distance between

Metropolitan Avenue and Fresh

Pond Road will now contain six

banks and a credit union and as

anyone knows is just a few

miles apart. How many banks

does one area need? There is

no real decent place to do any

food shopping. There is hardly

any place for people now to

meet and greet. This is ridiculous

and even sad to see landmarks

disappear and corporate

greed take over.

Whenever I will pass by

there and see this new bank I

will think of what stood there

and I will think of George, Kim,

Annie, Lillie, Ruby ( Rest in

Peace) and all the great people

that worked there and have

become like family and I will

think of all the great times

spent there. I won't care that

Commerce is opened seven

days a week or that they offer

fantastic parking. Their bank

looks like a fast food restaurant

anyway. It is sad to see them

go but it is even sadder to

what is happening to this area.

Thanks for the good times

guys, the memories, and

Good Bye to the Fresh Pond


Lori Lake

Middle Village

Dear Editor:

How about highlighting

Kelly's Pub on Eliot Avenue and

82 Street in Middle Village? The

Kelly's have been there for 15

years. In addition to sponsoring

and helping Our Lady of Hope,

Resurrection Ascension, St.

Margaret's and PS 49 the Kelly's

Pub is, as advertised – A

Friendly Pub. Baby showers,

Sweet 16's, Bridal Showers and

Birthday Parties are wonderfully

catered.The Kelly family goes

out of its way to make their

guests comfortable. In addition,

Mr. Kelly is a Middle Village

native who has raised his family

here, (all Our Lady of Hope

graduates) and still resides in

the community. I think a big

hats off belongs to the Kelly's

for their continuing support

and commitment to our community.


Patricia Gowan

Assistant Editor Response:

While everything you say about

Kelly's Pub may be true the fact

remains that there is an ongoing

problem with Kelly's backyard

beer garden.There have been

many JPCA and COP 104 meetings

that we have attended where

Kelly's Pub is the star attraction,

rife with complaints about noise,

drunkenness, and garbage.

Recently many of the residents in

the neighboring backyard houses

attended the meetings, totally

frustrated with the conditions in

the backyard and the lack of

enforcement solutions from the

authorities. Part of doing business

in any community is learning to

be a good neighbor. Based on the

complaints we've heard from the

neighbors, Kelly's Pub has some

work to do.

Dear Editor:

In response to the Epidemic

Spread – Cellular Base Station

Antennas article, I'm glad John

Campos wrote the article. In

addition to being eyesores

there's real dangers in this new

technology. I instantly recognized

where the picture at 74

Street/Eliot is – right under the

pizzeria, Phillies. I used to purchase

from them but since the

installation I no longer do.

Please understand that it is

profits above all else including

health issues. Expect no agency

to be looking out for your benefit.

Please keep your readers

updated as to what happens

with this issue.

Thank you.

Name Withheld

Middle Village

Dear Editor:

On Sunday November 15th,

I was on the running track

(Juniper Valley Park) putting in

my 4 mile walk.There was a

Football game I believe the

Boys were 12 Years old.

At 11.00 AM one Player's arm

was broken. 911 was dialed


After 20 Minutes an ambulance

arrived. I ask why so

long? I was told they could not

find this place!!! Eight minutes

later (after the ambulance)

finally a Police car came.

This is really too long, don't

you think so???? The Football

team's name is Little-Falcons.


Dieter Keppler

Middle Village