Greetings all,

Time sure flies when you’re busy looking out for the neighborhood. Believe it or not, Juniper Park Civic Association celebrates its 85th anniversary this year. And there’s always so much work to do. We have a lot of crazy stuff going on here by edict of the government without the consent of the governed. We have the MTA reducing bus service, CitiBikes placed where they aren’t needed, mopeds and bicycles flying down our sidewalks, people driving around high, illegal pot shops, ghost cars, dirty parks, skyrocketing crime, flooding, blackouts…I could go on. Rest assured that we are working on all these issues. In our spare time, we love to celebrate why living here is special. We will be holding our annual summer concert series and plan to host an anniversary party this fall, with some surprises in between.

We hope to see you at all our events and at our upcoming meeting on March 16th.