The Greenbelt Native Plant Center is interested in learning more about our region’s native plant species, and their potential to contribute to New York City’s urban ecology and landscape. Its mission is to collect data on native plant species’ survival in New York City public tree beds, in order to better understand which native species can thrive in chal- lenging urban conditions. This data can help them to better support the biodiversity and ecological health of our urban environment. They have designed a multi-year research trial set to begin in Spring 2023, in which native plants will be distributed to trial participants, who will collect data on the plants’ health and survival in their tree bed gardens. Participation for the entirety of the trial is not required, however, they are seeking applicants who are willing to commit to at least one full season of plant care and data collection. Participants will each receive a Tree Bed Trial kit, containing a total of 30-50 plants – represented by 3-5 species – per kit, to plant themselves in a tree bed that is local and easily accessible to them. Kits will have labels for each of the plants to assist with identification. The kits will also come with a tree bed care sign to display to the public. To learn more and to sign up for this program, visit: