Brooklyn Eagle October 9, 1884 Mrs. Lawrence, wife of Dr. Lawrence of West Fiftieth street, New York and sister of Sheriff Garret Furman of Queens County was killed last evening while in her carriage driving across the Long Island Railroad track at Maspeth in the Town of Newtown.

Sheriff Furman’s residence is in Maspeth near the Long Island Railroad. During the afternoon Mrs. Lawrence visited the Sheriff’s family and proceeded to the Village of Newtown to transact some business. She was returning to the Sheriff’s residents, expecting to take action there and drove on the railroad track just as the six o’clock Sag Harbor express train dashed around a curve which shuts out the view of an approaching train from the highway crossing. The locomotive killed the horse, sent the wagon into splinters and Mrs. Lawrence was pitched into a ditch thirty feet away. She was unconscious when picked up and four minutes later was dead.

It is down grade at the point where the accident occurred and the railroad employees say that the whistle was blown and the bell rung in compliance with the rules of the company. Coroner Robinson impaneled a jury, and will hold an inquest this evening.