Published Brooklyn Eagle January 9, 1899 Long Island City, L.I. – St. John’s Hospital, this city, has a mysterious patient. The stranger is a woman and will not tell a thing about herself. She simply sits in a chair and, holding a photograph of a young boy in her hand, exclaims with sobs: “Eddie! Oh, Eddie!”

The woman was found late last night wandering along Metropolitan Avenue near the Lutheran Cemetery, Middle Village, by a policeman. She acted in such a peculiar manner that the officer took the woman to the police station at Newtown and from there she was sent to St. John’s Hospital, this city, in an ambulance.

The woman is about 30 years old, of dark complexion and sharp features. Her clothing is of black cloth and of excellent texture and her entire appearance is that of a person in comfortable circumstances. Beside the photograph, the woman has a brown leather traveling bag and pocketbook. She holds the pocketbook tightly in her left hand and keeps the traveling bag close by her so that nether one can be examined for the purpose of learning her identity.
The woman pays no attention to questions put to her about her name, age and place of residence. Beside speaking the name of “Eddie.”