Brooklyn Eagle February 12, 1885 •– John Strobel, a driver on the North Second street and Newtown Railroad, was arrested this morning by Constable Hicks on complaint of Mrs. Sisco who makes a serious charge against him. Mrs. Sisco got on a car at Eleventh Street, in the Eastern District on her way to her home at Middle Village. When near Fresh Pond, on a lonely part of the road, Strobel made overtures, which she resented. Mrs. Sisco alighted, intending to walk home. Strobel brought his horses to a standstill and ran after her, handling her with much violence. He threatened to kill her if she did not keep quiet but became alarmed at the approach of some farmers who were on their way to market and fled. He jumped in his car and drove to his destination. The lady was insensible when picked up, and taken to a neighboring farmhouse. A physician was summoned and found her suffering from nervous excitement. When she regained consciousness she told her story and a party of citizens started in pursuit of Strobel. They did not find him but he was subsequently arrested.

He had a hearing before the Justice this morning and was fully committed to await the action of the Grand Jury. He was immediately taken to the Queens County Jail at Long Island City, as the Justice and Constable were afraid that the excited populace of Maspeth would lynch him.