The Juniper Park area continues to be bombarded with Mr. Softee trucks running their motors and blasting their loud music constantly on Juniper Park's periphery. We have contacted Queens Parks Commissioner Dorothy Lewandowski and Captain Christopher Manson at the 104 Pct.

Juniper Park is completely surrounded by homes. Residents complain to the JPCA about the noise from the Softee trucks with their motors running and their loud music. Question – why are these neighborhood menaces given a permit every year to continue their assault on our neighborhood? We have asked Alexander Han from Revenue & Concessions in the NYC Department of Parks to follow up on this constant complaint involving Mr. Softee which he is currently in the process of investigating with the Parks Department's Lauren Standke, Project Manager for Queens mobile foods.

Lauren Standke reported the following to us on 5/13/13 – “I reached out to the vendor and have warned her that her operator cannot behave this way. Hopefully, this is the end of it. If the problems continue please let me know right away so I can take care of it.”

We will keep everyone posted on this problem with Mr. Softee and the JPCA's determination to end their assault on our neighborhood once and for all.