It’s a very exciting time at O’Neill’s Restaurant in Maspeth. After the tragedy of the fire a few years ago we will finally have an O’Neill’s Restaurant in our midst with a grand opening on Flag Day, June 14, 2013. From what we hear, everyone attending the restaurant on that day will carry an American flag.

Georgie O’Neill stated recently that he is very excited about the opening and like everyone else can’t wait until it actually happens! The new restaurant will be bigger, approximately 8,000 square feet, and better than ever, with valet parking nearby. We will see many of the same faces that we’ve all become so familiar with when we dined at O’Neill’s. Also familiar will be the excellent food served at the restaurant particularly the delicious steaks.

We wish the O’Neill family and everyone connected with the business the best of luck as they embark on their new beginning in their spiffy new building. Also, we cannot forget that since O’Neill’s was always so generous with the local charities they too will benefit from the opening with a resumption of the fund raising events that became such a staple in our neighborhood over the years.

Yes, the opening on June 14, 2013 will complete the picture of our neighborhood as it should be, the great O’Neill’s Restaurant of Maspeth up and running again!