Mr. Nicholas Wyckoff, a well-known farmer of Queens County, died at his residence at Middle Village, in the Township of Newtown, on Thursday last, from the effects of hydrophobia, and was buried yesterday. Mr. Wyckoff’ received the bite which proved fatal about three months ago and paid little attention to it. The rabid animal attacked him while he was going from his barn to his residence, and only inflicted a very slight incision. This was cauterized very soon after and healed up without, apparently, affecting Mr. Wyckoff’s health. Recently, however, symptoms of hydrophobia exhibited themselves, and all known remedies proved fruitless. The afflicted gentleman died in the most excruciating agony, in the seventy-third year of his age. The dog which inflicted the fatal bite was shot shortly after the occurrence. The friends of Mr. Nicholas Wyckoff, President of the Williamsburgh City Bank, have confounded him with the deceased, but they are altogether different persons.