(The New York Times Published February 19, 1909) Salvatore Carricato, an eighteen-year-old Italian, of 46 Maspeth Avenue, and Alfred DeChico, eighteen years old, of 12 Havemeyer Street, Williamsburg, have been rivals in love, and Carricato was the loser.
While DeChico was escorting two girls on Monday night Carricato followed them and at Metropolitan Avenue and Havemeyer Street he sneaked up behind his rival with a thirty-two-calibre revolver and opened fire. He exploded three cartridges in quick succession. Each bullet struck a tin plate of DeChico’s suspenders on the right side and this probably saved his life.
The assailant ran away, but was subsequently arrested with the revolver still in his possession. DeChico went to the Bedford Avenue Station to prefer a complaint and when he unbuttoned his coat and vest the three bullets flattened out, fell to the floor. When Carricato was taken to court he admitted the shooting and said the reason he did it was because DeChico and the girls had snowballed him. He was held in $1,000 bail.