New York Times June 11, 1884 • Joseph New, game constable of the Township of Newtown, was arrested by Constable Meyers at 4 o’clock yesterday morning on a charge of brutal assault preferred by his ward, Mary Felinck, 14 years of age. New, who is 50 years old, was arraigned before Justice McKenna. The courtroom was crowded with farmers from the surrounding country, and many threats of violence against the accused were made. The hearing, owing to the excitement of the crowd was finally adjourned until Thursday. The girl was accompanied to the courtroom by Mrs. New, an intelligent looking woman about 55 years of age. She said that she intended to have her husband punished for his outrageous conduct. “He’s a bad man,” she said, “and I’ve done all I could to protect him and have saved him so many times that I’m sick of it; but I shall prosecute the old scoundrel to the bitter end.”

The girl charges that New ruined her under threats. He is her guardian, her parents having died when she was 6 years of age. She has lived with his family since that time. She says New was kind to her until about six weeks ago when he attempted to assault her. “Since then,” she continued, “He has treated me with indifference until last night when he accomplished his purpose.”

New, who is a tall, well built man, with iron gray side whiskers and mustache said in explanation of the charge made against him: “My wife has put a job up on me. I am the guardian of little Mary, and “tisn’t likely I’d do anything wrong to her. I’m resided here for 40 years and this is the first time anything has been said against my character. Why, Sir, do you suppose that I, the father of five children, a member of the church, and the game constable of Newtown would be guilty of the crime charged against me? No, Sir: it’s a put-up job to ruin me but my wife can’t ruin or run Game Constable New in this village.” Notwithstanding the denial of the game constable the old residents of Newtown believe him guilty. He had only been out of the State prison, where he was sent for receiving stolen goods, a short time when the Democrats of the town elected him to his present position by a small majority.