New York Times December 15, 1907 – Declaring that they are the victims of a set of practical jokers residents of the old town of Newtown now the Second Ward of Queens Borough are preparing to storm the Board of Estimate and demand the rejection of the new map of that ward just completed by the Topographical Bureau in which the time honored names of streets and avenue have been wiped out and the streets renamed in honor of a mixture of Roman and Greek gods, goddesses, graces and disgraces. Clergymen, lawyers, editors, doctors and plain natives have united in the protest.

Spectacles on nose and with a book of the classics in one hand and a copy of the new map spread before them, old residents have been looking up the pedigrees of those whose names have been affixed to their streets. Several maidenly ladies who took an afternoon off to hunt up the pedigree of Eros for whom their street has been renamed were horrified by what they learned of his reputation. Unless the name is speedily wiped out there will be a number of vacant houses along that street. Others living on Dido Street named for the Queen of Carthage of questionable memory are equally indignant.