Maspeth, Long Island, November 16, 1883 – The body of the man found some days ago hanging to a tree in the woods at Maspeth, Long Island, not having been identified it was buried in a pauper’s grave. Two papers were found sewed to the lining of the dead man’s coat. The writing of both was in German and translated one of them reads:
This will introduce Herr von Glan to any officer of the arm of the United Empire, who will give him all information in their power. BISMARCK

The other paper, which was evidently written by a woman, reads:
Once and for all I ask you to write me not again; neither do I want to see you again. You know that I love another, and that soon I will be married. I do not want to pain you but if my decision does it must be so. It was not good that we had ever met. Farewell forever.

The only other articles found in the clothing were 17 cents and a pen-knife of German make. The dead man was about 30 years old and had a black mustache.