As of January 1, 2024, the membership dues for Juniper Park Civic Association will increase to $30 per member.

The membership period is for one year from January 1st through December 31st of each year. Any dues paid via STRIPE will incur an additional cost of $2.00 to be added to the subscription amount to cover administration bank fees for these types of transactions only. Dues already paid for next year will not be charged the additional $5.00 towards the 2024 membership year. The reason for this increase is due to the current cost of printing and postage associated with the quarterly production and mailing of the Juniper Berry.

It is vital that your dues are paid on time. There has been some misunderstanding by some members that if, say, they pay their dues in September, it covers the period from September of the current year to the following September in the next year. That is not the case. Any member who pays their dues in September gets credit for the outstanding member- ship year. If that member has not paid their dues in January but waits until September to pay their annual dues, they will be credited for the current year they owe, which is the period January 1 to December 31. This con- fusion causes members to be in arrears of their dues because they paid their dues late.

Thanks to all our members and volunteers for the various projects that the Civic undertakes and their continual support. It is greatly appreciated.