March 30 – At approximately 10:50pm police responded to calls of an Asian male who was robbed in the vicinity of 73rd Place and 68th Road while delivering food to 68-xx 73rd Place. The victim stated he was approached by two males who struck him with a metal pipe and removed $300 from him. The perpetrators then fled on foot head- ing south on 73rd Place. The victim was removed to a local hospital where he was treated for his injuries. This was the second incident of this kind in that vicinity. Both incidents involve a delivery person, and both took place between 10:30pm and 11:00pm. Perpetrators call to order a food delivery, when the delivery person arrives perpetrator then strike him with a metal object and remove his money. No arrests have been.

April 2 – A Maspeth man, Emanuel Pippis, was gunned down steps from his 65th Place home at 4am. No motive for the crime is known and no arrests have been made.

April 6 – A senior citizen was inside of Ridgewood Savings Bank located at 65-01 Myrtle Avenue in Glendale just after 11:30am when a man approached her from behind. The crook placed his arm around the woman’s neck in a choke- hold while demanding money from a bank teller, who handed over ~$200. The robber then fled. Gerald Derosse, age 54, of Cross Bay Boulevard was apprehended on April 26th.

April 19 – A Lamborghini stolen in Nassau County at 9:15am crashed at the Queens Center Mall 90 minutes later. Two people were arrested and a third is still being sought. No injuries were reported.

May 12 – At approximately 5:33am police responded to a call for an assault in progress in the vicinity of 69th Street and Grand Ave in Maspeth. Once at the location, the officers were approached by a witness who stated that the victim was stabbed in the upper back during a physical altercation with the perpetrator after a house party broke up. The victim was treated at a local hospital. The perpetrator was arrested.

May 12 – At 6:55pm the 104 Pct responded to the Atlas Park Mall for two victims shot with BB guns. The two victims, a female who was ten weeks pregnant, and a male, stated that they were in the pedestrian walkway outside the mall when they were struck multiple times with BB pellets. The female victim was struck on the back of the head and the male victim was struck in his forehead and neck area. They looked up and observed three teen perps on a second-floor balcony, one with a BB gun. The perps fled the location on foot westbound on Cooper Avenue and are still at large. Both victims refused medical attention.