Greetings to all members of the Juniper Park Civic Association. We hope everyone is staying safe as the warm weather approaches. We would like to take this time to speak on some current trends we have seen here in the 104th Precinct.

Throughout the 104th Precinct, we have a slight increase of overall crime by 7.5% for the year to date period and an increase of 4.1% for the 28-day period. We ask that you continue spreading our crime prevention tips and alerting your neighbors of ongoing crime patterns.

We would like to note that there has been a myriad of concerns in regards to mail theft and United States Postal Service relay mailboxes. We urge the members of the public to cease their use of corner mailboxes. These mailboxes are subject to tampering and theft by those seeking to retrieve personal information from the letters enclosed within. Although it may be a mild inconvenience, the safest course of action would be for the public to enter their local post office and to hand their mail directly to a postal per- son at the counter. Please do not use the mailboxes in front of the Post Office, as those are most often subject to theft.

A rise in the number of complaints about “Distraction Grand Larceny Scams” has also occurred. Please be cautious of anyone approaching you while you are standing at the ATM. Thieves will lay money on the ground and pretend you dropped it before pickpocketing and/or swapping your credit cards while you pick it up. If you see anyone lurking in bank vestibules, always contact 911.

The NYPD Crime Prevention Division would also like to keep you updated on an ongoing social media trend known as the “Hyundai-Kia Challenge.” Thieves target KIA and Hyundai automobiles made prior to November 1, 2023, and use a regular USB cord to bypass the ignition. It is strongly advised that owners of these vehicles use a steering wheel lock- ing mechanism to avoid theft. Hyundai and Kia have recently enhanced their security software in order to combat auto theft. Owners of these vehicles should contact their local dealerships as soon as possible to check if they are eligible for these software updates.

As we enter the nice weather, we will continue to combat quality of life concerns such as illegal ATVs, dirt bikes and mopeds. We have dedicated multiple resources to address this specific concern as it is taking place throughout all of Queens. Along with issuing numerous summonses, our officers have confiscated multiple unregistered 2-wheel vehicles. Please call 911 if you happen to see a large roving band of ATVs and dirt bikes.

We would like to wish everyone a peaceful Memorial Day as we remember all those who sacrificed their lives for our country. We hope to see everyone at the upcoming Memorial Day Parade in Maspeth! Please feel free to write or call the precinct with any issues you may have.