As mentioned in the June 2018 Juniper Berry, O’Neill’s Restaurant is seeking a zoning change that would allow them to build a rooftop catering hall with a capacity of 140 people. More than 225 residents who live in close proximity to the restaurant have voiced their opposition to this plan via phone calls, letters and a petition, citing current problems with on-street parking, noise late at night and concerns over how the property may be developed in the future. In response to this and based on recommendations made by CB5, O’Neill’s agreed to attach a restrictive covenant to their property that would run with the land and ensure that future development is limited to a catering hall on the second floor, with no residential development whatsoever. They have also promised to contract with local businesses that own parking areas to provide off-street parking. A third party with standing would be required in order for any covenant to be enforceable, and Plateau residents have formed a group to act in that capacity. JPCA’s Tony Nunziato and Christina Wilkinson met with co-owner Danny Pyle, his attorney, Steve Sinacori, and Council Member Holden on August 15th to try to work out a legally binding restrictive covenant that would 1) facilitate the building of the project 2) honor the promises the applicant made to CB5 and 3) incorporate the third-party group as enforcers. A draft of a proposed covenant was presented for review to the O’Neill’s reps at the meeting. As of this writing, we are hopeful that they will agree to attach it to the deed which they have not yet done. The official Council vote on the matter is expected to take place in September.